Sunday 11 February 2018

Marianne Mewett Resigns

Marianne Mewett didn’t apply for the role of Marketing Manager when she joined QVM. She was to be our digital marketing person, a new specialist role that was clearly necessary for QVM to compete in a rapidly evolving retail world. 

Digital Marketing involves the management of search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Marianne had developed expertise in that area and was keen to develop her role within a major retail player like QVM.

Of course, by the time she joined us, things had changed. Mark Scott our incumbent Marketing Director, had moved on and Marianne was offered the role of Marketing Manager with a much wider brief than she originally envisaged.

Her expertise in web design was put to great use as the completely updated QVM website was launched late last year and customers and traders were able to enjoy a fresh, and responsive website that at last met industry standards.

Marianne showed another very desirable quality and that was here ability to relate to traders and their needs. She listened to what traders were telling her about their core customers, and the Melbourne events that attracted them. She identified that the drop off in market visitation by regional and interstate customers over recent years was a major problem and she identified the key areas that traders could work on to address modern customer engagement. Her workshop on social media engagement back in mid-December was a standout.

Sadly, this wider exposure to marketing activities was not what Marianne came here for. She is intent on gaining expertise in digital marketing, and who can blame her. Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving function and those on the ground floor of developments right now are likely to determine the future for retail marketing across the globe. Someone has enticed her away with a pure digital marketing role and we wish her every success, but her departure is clearly our loss.