Sunday 4 February 2018

QVM Loses Its Champion

The Herald Sun is reporting online this evening that Robert Doyle has resigned as Melbourne Lord Mayor. The circumstances of Mr. Doyle’s departure are complex and beyond the assessment of this humble website but one point needs to be made.

When three traders attended Mr.Doyle’s office some 6 years ago, seeking investment in our market he left us with little doubt that he wanted The Queen Victoria Market to survive and prosper. Previous generations of City Councils had taken from the market and given little back. Mr Doyle intended to correct that and instituted, along with City Council, a program of renewal.

There has since been much debate over the intent, and the process of a $250m renewal. There have been many different opinions about what should be done, how it should be done, and what the result will be. We have come a significant way down the track although for traders of course it is all taking far too long.

The question now is how many other champions exist in CoM to ensure the process of renewal (in whatever shape that ends up) is allowed to continue its course. The City of Melbourne has shown itself to be a very professional organisation and there is strong involvement in QVM activities from across the executive team.

Traders will watch the process of electing a new Lord Mayor with great interest, particularly if there is to be any impact on our beloved market and the re-investment in its future. Let’s just hope we don’t become a political pawn as part of the process.

By Greg Smith