Sunday 25 February 2018

Concentrating On The Game At QVM

We have all seen football matches being played while substantial ground renovations are going on. Players, organisers, and fans have to make some adjustments but nothing stops the game. It is by concentrating on the game that we overcome the obstacles around us.

QVM has many obstacles. We are in the middle of a retail revolution with a whole range of disruptions, we are starting a renewal, we have many opposing groups wanting their say in events, and now we have claims of misconduct in the workplace. Keeping our eye on the ball is not easy but it is imperative to moving forward.

And the ball is retail business – meeting the needs of our customers, day in, day out, and making sure that business comes first.  At QVM there is a belief that we don’t have that right. The QVM renewal (or the struggle to get past objections) is far too over-powering. Just like a football match that should go on in the background and not interrupt the game. Everybody has to make adjustments during a ground renovation – the fans, the ground owners, and the players. Willingness to adjust is a core ingredient to success. We just need to concentrate on the game.

Change creates uncertainty for traders. We might need to move, face new trading conditions, worry about what our competitors are getting, downsize, upsize, - the list goes on. But if we can just concentrate on the game maybe all those things aren’t so critical.

Management has to manage a complex changing environment. They have day to day running of the market, added obligations to renewal and other longer term matters including reporting to the Board and City of Melbourne. There are so many processes and so many levels of approval that these matters can become overwhelming but somehow we mustn’t lose sight of the game.

Analogies are wonderful. They enable creation of a word picture that makes so much sense but often glosses over enough of the detail to be of questionable value. If this analogy enables traders and management (and outside interest groups) to reflect on why we are here, then it will have served its purpose.

Now where has that ball gone?

By Greg Smith

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26/02/2018 07:12:35      Concentrating on the game        "The game to which you refer is to many our lively hood  however to keep your analogy flowing consider this .
Our game has many players ( Traders ) all of whom have a large stake invested in the future growth of the game.
Many people are also passionate about our game and view the play from different angles.
Just as important are the custodians of the game (Management )who are in charge of running the game ,implementing rules to  improve /maintain the game as well as the financial stability to run the game in order to maintain /improve the facilities for both players and spectators alike.
This is why any allegations must be investigated no matter how long ago.
With the retail game plan ever changing and the renewal goal posts are constantly moving and now news paper headlines of players contracts in question the integrity of our sport has never been more important."
Thanks for your input and love the flow - Ed