Sunday 25 February 2018

Misconduct At QVM

This is an article about misconduct at QVM that is not going to tell you much. It follows from an article in the Herald Sun earlier this week claiming improper activity by QVM employees, developers, suppliers, and government going back may years.

At the time of writing there are simply too many unresolved aspects to the matter and too many questions -
Was there improper activity?
Is there any proof?
Who is making the allegations?
What is the intent of revealing these matters right now?
Why is the email unsigned?
Why are documents being leaked to the press?
If there was corruption, how did it get this far?
Didn’t this all happen years ago?
What do we do to protect the future?

The matter has been referred to the police which is certainly the correct course of action. It will be resolved although the term “inconclusive” may end up in the final report. In the meantime it might be wise to keep our powder dry.

A trader joked this week that he was going to sell his shares in the Ten Network because he expected that viewing numbers for The Bold & The Beautiful would plummet in favour of the real life drama Intrigue At The Vic. It is a good joke except that the trashing of QVM has more serious implications for our role as a legitimate and useful retail entity. Publicity is not always good.