Sunday 4 February 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 4/2/2018

One On One Meetings – a trader complained that the person who conducted his interview was not known to him and did not know anything about his business. He felt the discussion suffered because of that.

Night Market – one of our Night Market traders pointed out that, although he is doing well, not all specialty traders are experiencing good business at night. It would appear that every area of retail has its fickle side.

One On One Meetings – one trader was surprised to learn that his current stall in J-M Sheds may be compromised during the relocation. He understood that only traders in A-D would experience change.

One On One Meetings – Confidentiality. A number of traders are asking why it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement during the interview. One suggested that they have little application under law and they add an element of mistrust to the process. Are they really necessary?

No Roof For M Shed – a number of traders have expressed concern about the apparent decision to leave M Shed uncovered. See separate article below.

Box Storage Facility Removed from M Shed – see separate article below.

February Doldrums – as one trader said, there are two types of traders at the moment – those who are suffering the poorest business conditions all year, and those who have taken holidays. He believes he should be in the second group.

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