Monday 26 March 2018

A Trader On The QVM Board?

Our article about Sally Capp’s candidacy for the Lord Mayor’s role included her proposal for a trader on the QVM Board. Trader Stephen McLennan has raised some issues and we agree with him that more input and opinions are needed on this matter. What do you think?
Following is the relevant paragraph from the article along with Steve’s response.

From article Hello Sally: “The “Trader on the Board” idea has long been seen as a desirable outcome by traders who are eternally suspicious of decisions made behind closed doors. The Board and previous Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, have rejected the idea due to conflict of interest considerations. The idea of a trader voting on Board matters that may impact on their personal business or the personal business of co-traders is seen as undesirable. There may be something in that, but Sally Capp’s intent to counter “the sense of mistrust” could certainly be assisted with a trader in the Board room.”

26/03/2018 12:33:57      Lord Mayor Candidate     "I believe this idea of a trader rep .at Board level had been proposed many times without success over the past few years, but the suggestion has merit as long as it is a genuine attempt to bridge the Trader/board gap and taken seriously not just as a token gesture.
The bigger Question might be who can converse at both aTrader and Board level and whether the role has 2 representatives so as to alleviate any suggestion of a conflict of interest and to be better informed across all aspects of the wider trader communities concerns.
A position as important as this would need to have the consensus of the majority of stall holders( Election ).
More input and opinions needed on this one."         Steve Mc

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27/03/2018 13:36:34      Trader on council   "Having a market trader on the board sounds good in theory but it is catch 22dammed if you do dammed if you don’t will it be a general merchandise person ,a deli person or  a fruit person. How can the interests  of these vastly different area be in one accord , my view is that  perhaps you might need three reps to get the correct message across for most stall holders to be happy. What do you  think mr editor? Your reply would be much appreciated."
It is said that, for effective decision-making, the ideal number for a committee is 6. The QVM Board has 7 so they have it about right. Another three would be unwise. A competent trader could handle all market precincts as long as he or she had a good communication network going. I feel that traders become a bit obsessed about catering to every view. Want we want is the right decisions being made and that requires an efficient group. A Trader representative on the Board would have a lot of work to do. In any particular issue they would need to co-ordinate views with those most impacted and they may set up a sub committee with representatives from each precinct. But in the end it is not about making everybody happy, it is about making good decisions. Smaller structures assist that process, larger ones probably don't. Thanks for your input. I'd love to get other views. - Ed.