Sunday 25 March 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 25/3/2018

Rent Payments For Casuals – A casual trader has pointed out that keeping track of different rents in different locations can test most traders but for casuals it is a bit of a nightmare. He is suggesting that casuals could pay for their spots, using a card, at the time of allocation when they would be sure they would be paying the correct amount.

Not Enough Female Voices – one of our traders is complaining has made a passing observation that we get too many “he said” and not enough “she said” comments on Victraders. The editor has promised to do his best to balance the input. Did I mention that the complaining observing trader was a “she”?

A trader has speculated that Myer is becoming a likely takeover target and that perhaps QVM could be in the running. A trader behind every counter might be just what’s needed to turn the Myer fortunes around.

String Bean Alley Needs A Roof – our photo was taken prime time, 10:10 on Saturday morning, but a little rain has customers abandoning this open air aisle in favour of more comfortable and convenient aisles with a roof. A SBA resident said – “Surely modern technology can give us some form of adjustable roofing for days like today.”

Maintenance Passes This Test – QVM Management are making a feature of service to traders particularly when it comes to maintenance issues. Magnets with the maintenance mobile number were being handed out at the Trader Connect session in A Shed on Friday morning. The number was tested on Saturday at around 10:30 am when dark clouds came in and traders on Peel St. realised that the overhead fluorescents were not switched on. A quick call got attendance from market staff within 3 minutes although apparently those lights are on a separate timer to the normal lighting and only come on at night. Nevertheless the response was very speedy.

Trader Connect Session – Friday morning’s drop-in session at the top of A Shed was attended by around 100 traders and many others were visited at their stalls by staff with a roving trolley laden with coffee and cakes. It was all about the Trader Connect support package and we know of at least one trader who has decided to book a Business Partner consultation straight away.

Lord Mayor candidate, Sally Capp's, proposal that a trader should be on the Board has led one trader to suggest two traders. Ivano Guseli to present logical well researched argument and Betty Jennings to keep the rest of the Board in line.  

More On Trader Connect – there have been concerns about the stress factors at QVM and the very real issue of mental health problems for small business operators. It was learned at Friday mornings drop-in session that Business Partners are experienced in how to advise traders who may need referral to a mental health organisation.

The Biggest News of the week has been left to last with a rumour circulating late Friday of a senior resignation at QVM and a management reshuffle. As often happens with market rumours, the imaginations went wild and the phones ran hot. We can confirm that Brendan Devine has resigned from QVM although we can expect to see him around in some sort of capacity (No, we don't think he is  buying a fish shop) and the management reshuffle has meant that two internal positions have disappeared. Just how that will impact on the personnel involved has yet to be determined. As one trader said "It is nice to see Stan Liacos making early, considered changes".

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25/3/2018 1745  Staff Departures     Farewell and best wishes to Angela Shen whose professional and respectful contribution was appreciated by many traders. Angela has moved on to a new role. - Ed.

26/03/2018 12:38:37      Female comment   "Dear editor I being the female in question was not complaining   Merely making a passing observation!!!!!your comment please!! "  
Thank you - the post has been corrected - Ed.