Sunday 18 March 2018

Feedback On A Couple Of Trader Issues

We would like to give feedback on a couple of issues raised on Victraders over the last week or so.
The first involves a trader comment about license renewal –

14/03/2018 17:52:58 Renewal  "Maybe you can get an answer for the wider trading community. Why is management not providing licences renewals to general traders?
We have been told they are not holding back licences but I know of many traders that have been trying to get their licences renewed and are still waiting for answers.  Me think they something smells. "

As far as we can determine the only major restriction to license renewal is the sheer volume of licenses that require attention. By April it is expected that more than half the renewals will have been completed and the process is ongoing. There is of course a 5 year tenure guarantee for all traders. As far as we are aware the only circumstance that might jeopardise a renewal involves failure to pay rent. Licenses are being renewed and it is just a matter of time before the process is completed. Any trader who is concerned about their license status should talk to their Precinct Manager and/or Trader Representative.

Smells From Drains in SBA – Matt Ryan has briefed us on the ongoing attempts to fix this problem. Controlling drainage from a temporary structure is always going to be an issue but management believe they have isolated why this is occurring and the measures necessary to fix it. So, until the next smell, this matter is addressed – fingers crossed.

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