Sunday 27 October 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 27/10/2019

Many Traders have expressed delight at the return of the International Jehovah’s Witness Conference to Melbourne on 22nd November. The global economy has probably declined since they were last here in 2014 but the impact was so huge then, we should expect a boost. The busy day last time was the Thursday before the conference and you can read the report from 2014 here -

A Trader said his week was made with a phone call from an international tourist hoping to find his product in Sydney but eventually flying to Melbourne because they “Just had to have it.”

These customers really stood out as they wandered the market on Sunday. Thanks for the photo Mino.

More happiness for Traders this week with an ABC Report that Plane Trees would be gradually removed from our streets.

A Trader says a $300 sale at 7:30 am one day this week has put an end to his plans for a sleep-in with the new hours.

Lekhraj Chaudhary, winner of Strong Man Of India.
Our Traders are a law abiding lot but if any Trader did decide to take on one of our Security Officers they should know that a new recruit to the security team is also India’s strongest man. No joke!

Our market storage boxes are big heavy, cumbersome, lumps of steel – right? Well, this rather untidy display is the result of the box blowing over in Saturday’s extreme weather. Westerly winds can be a real force.

Black Elvis has been a noted celebrity at QVM over the years and it was great to see him back on Queen St. on Sunday as he took part in a celebration for Indigenous women. In our photo he is seen speaking to a group of Italian women, and conversing in Italian of course.

Guru Pete gives us a horse tip each Saturday which is recorded on the QVM Traders Facebook page. In Pete’s absence this week, Michael Mallon gave us a tip for the Cox Plate and Te Akau Shark ran third, paying $4:00. Pete’s apprentice is doing well.