Sunday 6 October 2019

Trader’s New Website Feature Looks A Winner

File Photo
One of the SBMS/RMIT interns who was re-designing a Trader’s website introduced a feature that had immediate results and maybe this feature should be included in all web exposure for Traders.

The feature was a photograph of the Trader, in fact a number of photos throughout the Trader’s website. The new website was launched last weekend and on Wednesday Night a friendly group of Asian tourists visited the Trader’s stall. They came into the stall like long lost friends which had the Trader a little confused at first until they revealed that they had seen his picture on the new website. They turned out to be good customers.

The intern who designed the website wanted to highlight the Trader through pictures because he believed the personal contact that Traders establish with their customers is their ace card in this increasingly impersonal retail world. The personal touch can be conveyed in other ways as well with stories of the Trader’s retail experience, their business philosophies, and how their products can mean more than simple purchases.

Maybe this is a tip for every Trader when they plan their web exposure.