Sunday 13 October 2019

The New Order In Retailing

New Order In

“At the heart of each change within the fall of an industry lies consumer demand. It’s up to businesses to interpret the changing tides of opinion and desire, and cater to them.”
Joshua H. Davidson

Davidson's quote got us thinking about the new order and here are some examples that might lead us to change the old ways of retailing.

Your customer doesn’t want to dance to your tune, they want influence, and convenience is paramount.

Your customer doesn’t want waste – sustainability is a new driver.

Save the planet, because customers think that is important.

Customers want delivery now.

Global prices are no longer a secret.

If you don’t have a point of difference, your customers will be indifferent.

Customer Service - Don’t force but be attentive.

Your competitors now include the power companies, mobile service providers, and any organisation that has managed to absorb discretionary spending.

Retail hours are whenever your customer wants contact.

Your competitor may be anywhere in the world.

Your customer can find out almost anything.

Customers want value.

Customers don’t have to buy now.