Sunday 6 October 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 6/10/2019

A Trader reports a radio discussion on the ABC about Chapel St. Traders encouraging dogs into their shops. The move is yet another unusual example of retailers trying to attract customers back to high street shopping.

With later opening times about to launch in the Upper Market, a Trader asks will parking vouchers be available for Traders who arrive an hour later than normal?

A Trader suggests that a 6 months trial moratorium on the stall spacing rule might make it easier for new Traders to avoid harassment – see our article

There have been reports that the trial of three new Traders sharing a container in String Bean Alley may not have met expectations.

He’s Back! A number of Traders were delighted to see the return of Caricaturist Ivano after a short break overseas and apparently customers were delighted to see him as well.

Traders have commented on the incredible volatility of trading at present with a really good day followed by a really poor day, and no rhyme or reason. One lamented that choosing a day off has suddenly become a lot harder.

A Trader suggests that we should provide hydration stations around the market like we do at the Night Market. Providing facilities for customers and Traders to refill water bottles would be consistent with modern event practice.

Traders were pleased to see CEO, Stan Liacos, engaging in a variety of Trader conversations around the Upper Market on Friday.

One of the Baristas at Padre Coffee was treated with a loud rendition of Happy Birthday on Saturday with Traders and Customers joining in the fun.

A Trader commented that restoration works at the top of C Shed appear fairly low key with a few bolts being replaced and some paintwork. “Our old sheds seem to have stood up to the passage of time better than some Traders.”

One of our Watch Traders was not impressed when asked if he had turned all his watches forward one hour for daylight saving.

And from our bad (but irresistible) joker – “I sold my vacuum cleaner the other day…. It was just collecting dust.”

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