Friday 31 August 2012

Final QVM Board Feedback Meeting Held - Consultation To Start

The final feedback meeting was held in the carpark meeting room this afternoon. Chairman, Paul Guerra, and board member, Jane Fenton, were in attendance along with members of management and around 30 traders.

Paul Guerra advised that a list of issues would be compiled following the series of feedback meetings. Issues would be ranked short, medium, and long term and those issues that can be quickly fixed will be identified. A process of consultation will commence as soon as possible and will likely involve more meetings.
It is expected that at least some of the issues will be handled through the Trader’s Advisory Committee. The first TAC meeting involving the newly elected trader representatives is expected to take place late in September.

The QVM Board has established a QVM Future Planning Committee that comprises board members and MCC representatives, and part of their brief will be the establishment of a communication chain for traders allowing direct access to the board.

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