Sunday 12 August 2012

Storing Boxes Responsibly

The M Shed re-development has created ripples through the market as a number of traders who used to store their boxes in M Shed have been forced to make alternative arrangements.
Let’s face it, storage boxes are unsightly and shouldn’t be seen in public trading areas. Responsible traders will make sure that boxes that can’t be accommodated on their stall will be suitably hidden even if that means carrying cloths to cover them.
If you are a victim of these box trespassers, ask them to move or cover their boxes. In the same way as major shopping centres hide their empty shops with false hoardings, we should be covering up our ugly storage boxes. Ideally, matters like this can be sorted out between traders. However, traders who would sacrifice the appearance of our market for their own short term convenience deserve to be brought to account.

This is our market. Our businesses rely on creating a good impression to customers. All traders have a responsibility to maintain that good impression.