Thursday 16 August 2012

Why Trader Bulletins Are Thrown In The Bin.

It is a sad fact that Trader’s Bulletins don’t have a high profile in the daily activities of this market. On the surface, they could be important information sources. They contain news on what is happening around the market, particularly promotional opportunities for traders. And yet it would appear that much of their content is ignored.

One major criticism is that the bulletins contain too much spin. They are seen more as a management promotion tool than a pure information source. Take the last bulletin (Issue 115) which, in referring to String Bean Alley said - “The opening of the precinct has been well received by the public and media with the buzz continuing.” That statement is fine for public consumption. But, please! We are professional market traders. We know that buzz is lacking in String Bean Alley at this early stage. Here is a statement that might have attracted credibility in a Trader’s Bulletin – “The opening of the precinct has started well. Much needs to be done to generate customer flow and a retail buzz. We have plans for...............”.
If Trader’s Bulletins are to achieve their aim of informing traders, they need to treat their readers like professional market traders and cut the bull. It is one thing to be super positive about what is happening around us and another to tell it how it is. Traders like to feel that they are working with a management that understands the realities of trading at The Queen Victoria Market. Honest communication on what is really happening (in all issues affecting the market) will go a long way to repairing a tarnished management/trader relationship, and regaining reciprocal respect, trust and confidence

From Facebook - 16/8/12 - "Well said Ed." Andrew