Sunday 5 August 2012

Trader’s Best Week of the Year

I’ve just had one of my best weeks of trading this year. I need to get that into perspective. I achieved 60% of my target. That is not great, but I do sell products that are at the pointy end of discretionary buying and it is my off season. My products are probably among the most unnecessary products sold in our market. So, when consumers are pulling in the belt, saving more than ever, and buying only essentials, I am most likely to suffer.
Do I know why I experienced my best week? I am reluctant to add yet another reason to the long list of unsubstantiated causes of business fluctuations, but I am pretty confident about this one. It is the Olympics, or more specifically, the “feel good” aspect of the Olympics. Enough of my customers let down their guard and decided to splash out a little to create a blip in my takings. Potentially I have another week of “feel good” buying and then it is back to doom and gloom. Or maybe the Olympic “feel good” will last a little longer. Wish me luck.