Wednesday 22 August 2012

Some Recent Comments

A variety of comments over the last few days so we have posted them together. A big thank you for the favourable comments about this website and an equally big thank you to all the traders who make written submissions or contribute their thoughts and ideas. Thank you to the traders who contribute their sales data each week so we can better understand trading trends, and thank you to individuals like Tony who does our market interviews. A great team effort.

17/08/2012 15:07:32 Rare sighting Would the Rare sightings have anything to do with the fact this has occured over the past two weeks  after the( dare I say it Night Market on the previous evenings) JillianR               
17/08/2012 22:44:18  "I too was pleasantly surprised when I saw Jenny and her crew walking around early on Thur morn.
I hope this is just the beginning of her, seeing what is happening ""out there"" wjth us on the ""ground""
The Market really  needs a boost of people,but the ""PR"" people need a real kick in the tush!.Cos for me,of 30 odd years here, they are not dong their job!! There is no loyalty of the customer,if they can get a beta deal elsewhere they  will!
I believe the ""PR"" people have to do the leg work and find a way to attract the customer back!!Hence,PARKING,when and how long will it take for the office to act upon advice given by the stallholders who are on the ""ground""
 and really hurting!?!
Come on Jenny give us a free day !!EG; Fathers Day is coming,make this a free Sunday and get some families spending with us!!"
 Rosalie Rockman               
20/08/2012 09:41:50 Thanks for the News "Thanks for your ongoing efforts to bring us news every week, we appreciate your efforts.  I notice that generally the tone of your news is more positive now, could it be after our huge trader meeting with Council?
Anyway things are on the up and up, great to hear Management making the rounds too!" Jodi               
21/08/2012 09:08:12  Great to see the "new improved" format as always well done ed.