Sunday 26 August 2012

What M Shed Needs

The following pictures were taken within 30 seconds of each other last Saturday morning. The lack of customer traffic in String Bean Alley is a standout.

We would have thought that there would be some science attached to creating traffic flow in our market but the evidence suggests otherwise. M shed is an add-on  and until customers see it as an integral part of the market they simply won't go there. Perhaps it is expected that time will see an improvement in attendance but we would prefer a more pro-active effort.
Line of sight to String Bean Alley is terrible. The only uncluttered view is from Peel St. At the other end of the aisle (Queen St. end) the view is virtually blocked by a trader's van.
From the walkways in J,K and L sheds there is no indication that a trading aisle exists in M shed. Even at the top (Peel St.) end of L shed there is no indication that turning towards the carpark will lead you into a new trading area.
We have a simple question. Does management have a plan of action to correct these early short comings?

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26/08/2012 13:34:50 String bean alley failure "Who is responsible for the failure of string bean alley? It should be called string bean desert. I see today only 5 of the 8 container sheds are open.
If a public company had a CEO spend over $150,000 on such a debacle the shareholders would be calling for her resignation, or at least the person assigned to the project should fall on there sword.
As a long time stall holder this huge amount of money could of easily been spent on promoting through advertising the great Victoria Market.
I personally think its time for a change at the top. Paul Guerra the QVM chairman was very impressive at the future plan meeting at the Ibis Hotel and If the rumors are correct he would make a great CEO.
It's time for individuals to start taking responsibility for some of the major failings in the market  "

26/08/2012 21:51:18  Now there's an interesting rumor, I wonder if Mr. Guerra has heard it.  

 27/08/2012 15:47:50 M Shed "It is pretty obvious what has to happen..... L shed needs to trade both ways ( all bins, tarps& cars out ),awnings need to go on L shed for rain and shade and no stall should be over 2mt high, so customers can see across the market .Included Stringbean Alley in QVM, at the moment its an over dressed relation standing at the door."  
Ed: This comment gets a tick. Not sure about 2m height over the full length of L shed but it would certainly be helpful at the top, bottom and the crossways. 

27/08/2012 20:13:55 F - Shed Retail and Food Shops "After the opening of M - shed there are many complaints about the cars and boxes parked.The openion is that one part of the M Shed doesn't look like a trading Isle.
What about the F- Shed that the Boxes and car problem exists for many years and some part of the shed doesn't look like a trading isle as well.
F - Shed traders are paying a high rent that can be compared to be close to the shopping centres rental levels, but the facilities are very basic. There is minimal or even nil trading on rainy days, on the hot and harsh sunny days, and on the windy days, as a result of the Isle open to the direct Climatic conditions.
The traders are complaining now, and have complained in the past couple of decades for a roof to be build but no action is taken place, and not even mentioned in any of the newsletters or corespondences,excep that it has always been in the planning stage."