Sunday 19 August 2012

New App Saves Money

The cost of printing business cards can be avoided and you get a marketing bonus with the CardCloud app for IOS and Android smartphones.

Let's set the scene. Your customer asks for a business card. You say "I don't have a printed card but I can send you a digital card. Can I have your email address?" that is where the marketing bonus comes in because you have added a customer to your mailing list. The advantage for your customer is that, when they receive your email, (and this is the apps best feature) they just tap or click on the phone number to automatically call you, tap or click on your web address to be taken direct to your website, and tap or click on your email address to send you an email. It all works seamlessly.

Setting up your business card is quite intuitive and you can set up multiple cards for different businesses or profiles. We recommend you have a look at CardCloud. Did we mention it is free?