Tuesday 28 August 2012

Have We Neglected F Shed?

In all the fuss over the new M shed development one of our traders points out that F shed has been on the development agenda for a long time without results.

27/08/2012 20:13:55 F - Shed Retail and Food Shops "After the opening of M - shed there are many complaints about the cars and boxes parked.The opinion is that one part of the M Shed doesn't look like a trading aisle.
What about F- Shed where the boxes and car problem have existed for many years and some part of the shed doesn't look like a trading aisle as well.
F - Shed traders are paying a high rent that can be compared to be close to the shopping centres rental levels, but the facilities are very basic. There is minimal or even nil trading on rainy days, on the hot and harsh sunny days, and on the windy days, as a result of the aisle open to the direct climatic conditions.
The traders are complaining now, and have complained in the past couple of decades for a roof to be built, but no action has taken place, and the subject is not even mentioned in any of the newsletters or corespondences,except that it has always been in the planning stage."