Sunday 19 August 2012

Market Interview - Stefan

Name. Stefan
Where were you born? Malta
What do you do? Cleaning at market
How long have you been working here? 10 years
Have you served any famous people? Baby John Burgess, Travis cloke
If I was to give you a 2 week free holiday anywhere in the world, where would choose to go? Visit family back in Malta.
Thing you most love about the market. Meeting and socializing with friend, and being around my wife and child.
Thing you dislike about the market. Very hot and very cold weather
What’s your favourite meal, drink? Nando's, ice tea.
Favourite music, movie? Old school rap, 80's in general, horror movies and a good comedy, doccos.
Tell me something nobody knows about you.  That I'm Austin's father.

Interviewed by Tony