Sunday 5 August 2012

Sydney Market Announces Cost Relief For Traders

Sydney Markets operate a number of market outlets including the famous Paddy’s Market, and the Flemington produce market in Sydney’s west. They have announced that trader’s are to be granted $500,000 to help absorb the anticipated 20% electricity hike for the next 6 months.
“We saw that the burden this electricity hike would place on our businesses was too extreme, given the current economic climate and difficult trading conditions, which are already affecting businesses within our Markets,” CEO of Sydney Markets Bradley Latham, said.
Mr. Latham went on to say - “At this time, particularly after a season of bad weather, we feel it’s better to help our businesses with keeping expenses down rather than they being forced to increase the price of product to recover costs. “It’s not just grocers feeling the pinch. We see our decision will be a helping hand for the packaging companies, exporters, food processors, warehouses, unloading services, cafés, banks and agricultural suppliers, to keep their businesses competitive.”