Friday 8 March 2013

New Classified Advertising Page For Traders

Check out the menu bar at the top of this page. We now have a page dedicated to advertisements for traders. Ads for Help Wanted, Fittings Wanted, Fittings For Sale, can all be included.

You may want to ask where the best place is to buy carry bags, or where you can get cheap EFTPOS rolls. Whatever your needs - the Classified Advertising page is the place for them.

Simply send us an email with your request or use the Have Your Say option (also on the top menu bar). We will advertise each request once on the main page and also on the Classified Advertising page. The ad will be removed after 3 weeks or sooner if you like.

You can start using this facility straight away and please give us your feedback.
Thanks to Peter and Andy for the idea.