Friday 22 March 2013

Traders Meet With QVM Board

In what is believed to be an historical first, a Trader Representative made a presentation to  a meeting of Directors of The QVM Board this week.

Trader Representative Greg Smith (General Merchandise PE) made a brief presentation at  Thursdays Board meeting at the Melbourne Town Hall to discuss progress on the operation of the Trader's Advisory Committee and the process of renewal in the top end of the market.

Presentation to the Board was a key item on the Traders wish list at last years series of meetings between Traders, Melbourne City Council, and Paul Guerra, the Chairman of the QVM Board. At those meetings the Board made a commitment to stay connected with Traders and this week's presentation is consistent with that undertaking.

It is hoped that Traders will be able to make further presentations direct to the Board as the TAC process moves forward.


22/03/2013 13:47:31 " Good to read  About the meeting and Greg having a word on our behalf. Keep up the good work Greg. " Andy