Friday 1 March 2013

Traders Comment - Ashamed of The Market?

26/02/2013 17:07:16 Traders Websites "The website, is happy to add the website from any trader. BUT, I do find this very sad,
I have noticed that the majority of the websites that are listed, do not mention that they have a stall located at the QUEEN VICTORIA MARKET. 
It makes me question how these people really see the market: Are they ashamed to say their business is located within in a market, or do they feel it will under value their product, or do they just not want to advertise the market.

Stall holders are complaining left and right that we do not have enough traffic flow, but here is a classic example of potential advertising to get people to visit your physical place of business, not be utilised."

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Ed: One of the benefits of being editor is that you get first chance at commenting on trader's posts and this one raises an interesting subject. I suspect that the early adopters of trader's websites, including myself, deliberately created a website as an add-on business. The idea was to establish a new identity that could impress customers, and yes, probably create something better than QVM. 
Now we know that websites are not an additional business, but an adjunct to our current business - just part of the whole picture. My website does now contain reference to my QVM stall but if I was re-writing it, the QVM component would be more comprehensive.
The above post does raise an interesting question. Do we have a high opinion of our role at QVM? Are we proud of the market's heritage? We certainly should be, but maybe this is an attitude that needs more work.