Friday 1 March 2013

Traders Comment - Trading Hours

26/02/2013 13:24:23 Re Trading Times "I can see that we have a comment about trading times.
I can see the benefits to making everyday the same. as you say 10am to 5pm.
Pros l can see:
Better time for tourists
A later start for us the trader (but then again we already have traders who dont arrive until after 9am now)
It means all our trading days are the same time, less confusion for customers
Cons l can see:
Still does not open our hours up to locals who work these hours
Peak hour traffic for us the stall holder, both morning and afternoon
I am also not sure why you suggest ""General Merchandise"" only for this change in hours. Surely this could be for all areas of the market, as it is not a change to a night market, but a change to day market hours. A change to the day market hours should be reflected across all areas, ensuring a better experience for all customers."

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03/03/2013 10:37:28 Trading hours "Keep the current hours and extend the days to 4pm or 5pm with a cut off point at 9am instead of 8am for people who are late because of traffic issues and such There are still plenty of customers who like to shop early in the day and it is easier to get into the city early to avoid Peak Hour traffic Jams" JR E Shed