Sunday 24 March 2013

Should We Change The General Merchandise Name?

Does the name General Merchandise inspire you? Or is it a rather vague description that is unworthy of our long and illustrious service to Melbourne (and the world’s) shoppers?

“General Merchandise” doesn’t really describe what we do in the top end of QVM and yet we use it regularly on this site. It is used in general communication around the market and, we even use it when trying to promote to our customers in newspaper advertisements, the Marketlife magazine and other forms of marketing.

Here is a great opportunity to get creative and come up with a name that is more descriptive. Please click on the link below and have your say. And no, we won’t accept “Other Stuff”. Let’s treat this as a serious issue. Who knows? Your name idea may be the start of a whole new marketing direction for traders in the top end.

 21/3/2013: 2150 - Name Change - "What about Living Essentials?" Ed
24/3/2013: 1645 - Name Change - "A Bazaar is a shop or market selling miscellaneous goods. Can that be woven in?"
25/03/2013 00:57:52 "I like living essentials, but maybe change essentials for a different word as customers may subconsciously then think of things that are only essential to them and not just buying something because they want it." Leah
25/03/2013 11:24:32 General Traders "Suggested Name   Top End Traders" JR E Shed