Sunday 31 March 2013

Restricting Car Use A Danger To Shopping Strips

Restricting the use of cars so as to reduce congestion, and keep down green house gases has the potential to harm strip shopping centres according to the Transportation Research Journal.

Shopping strips are already at the mercy of bigger centres with their one stop shopping, extended trading hours, multiple carpark spaces, and location convenience. The strips on the other hand are located on major public roads and have parking areas controlled by money hungry local councils. Bigger centres have, on average, 3 times the number of parking spaces at strips although it is easier to park closer to your destination store at  a strip.

Commentators say that attempts to shifts shoppers to public transport doesn't allow for the purchase of bulk goods or shopping with multiple parcels. Melbourne City Council's apparent opposition to cars in city precincts is a significant issue for the Queen Victoria Market as we compete with major shopping centres.