Saturday 27 April 2013

Could This UK Market Be A Template For QVM?

The similarities between Spitalfields, London's oldest market, and QVM is more than just Victorian architecture.

Spitalfields underwent a “re-generation” in 2005 which involved new market areas, updating of old market areas and a re-think of the market’s role in London’s life. The fresh fruit and vege areas had moved offsite many years earlier although there is an organic food section in the re-generated complex. The Spitalfields re-generation included many considerations like, community activity centre, functions and special event centre, and a swing to more food including cafes and restaurants.

Spitalfields moved from a successful Sunday only market to a 7 day a week model with shopping for fashion and interiors, original artworks, second hand goods and food. The market was made more open with considered use of glass to protect the shoppers from the evils of Londons weather while keeping light and vision at a premium. Interestingly, Spitalfields uses very similar lighting to QVM although natural lighting through skylights is superior.

Spitalfields is smaller than QVM (most markets are) with less than 150 traders on a busy day. In fact there are many ways that QVM trumps other markets. The size of our market and the fact that you can pretty much get anything you want in one place has kept us in the forefront in the past. However, things change and renewal is now needed. It is a great challenge for Melbourne. The challenge will be to renew without destroying the character of one of the world's great markets.

As discussion on QVM’s renewal progresses, it will be interesting to see what impact recent overseas markets renewals, like Spitalfields, will have on our deliberations.

27/04/2013 17:31:48 re Spitalfields market "May i suggest you have a look at Camden market... I visited this market 6 months ago and was most impressed. so impressed I went back 3 times in 3 days to see all on my 3 week visit. a perfect mix. if you an imagine our day and evening market in one you will have something close too it." Andy