Wednesday 3 April 2013

Trader's Comments

02/04/2013 18:04:09 Trading Times "I find it funny that traders are complaining that business is quiet, and that we have no people in the market, but these same people are the ones who will drag there boxes into the aisles before closing times, even if the aisles are full of people.
A prime example was Easter Thursday. Advertised closing time, ""UNTIL SOLD OUT"", but the majority of the market started to pack at 2:00pm, if not earlier, despite the fact there was more people walking around the market at 2:00pm, than for the previous 3 hours. Boxes and cars were moving around the market prior to 2:00pm, but as soon as it was 2:00pm, it was like we were closed.
These actions, impact on all traders, and the customers, quickly leave, with a very poor impression of the market. 
We need to start working together, not against each other. If we keep working against each other, we have no chance of improving customer numbers."

02/04/2013 17:59:10    Queen Street Toilets     "I would just like to bring this to the attention of everyone. Over the past 3 months l have been noticing that the Queen Street Toilet Block, is closing well before the advertised closing time. On Sunday March 31st, these toilets were closed at 5:15pm, despite the advertised time being 6:00pm. This has been a regular occurrence on both Saturday's and Sunday's. This is not a good thing. The market can not even operate things to the advertised times, but they are quick to tell us we are not operating within the times of the market, if we are not fully packed up 2 hours after closing. Nice double standards for the office. If you have found this same issue, perhaps, we should all start to put this in the complaints book at the office. I know l will be, writing a formal complaint, about the early closing times, as I am a trader that takes almost the full 2 hours allocated to pack up my stall, and would like the option of a bathroom break before I travel home. "