Wednesday 24 April 2013

QVM Re-development - Let's Not Forget Our Customers

It is easy for traders to become obsessed about their role in QVM re-development but there are other major stakeholders, particularly customers, who need to be heard. Here is a letter published in Melbourne's Age newspaper.

Listen to the regulars

"If the Queen Victoria Market traders think that a bar and restaurant, a plaza or community garden will attract more customers, they are dreaming (''Queen Vic poised for $100m revamp'', The Saturday Age, 20/4). What attracts customers is value, service and variety, together with accessibility. I spend about $300 at the market every week, so anything that disrupts accessible parking, even temporarily, will encourage me to shop elsewhere.
More cool rooms and longer hours may be necessary ''improvements'' but if the only way to pay for them is to destroy much of the market itself.
What attracts tourists is the fact that it is a working market. It is also concerning there has been no attempt to invite public discussion of the proposed changes, nor any recognition that the market ''community'' is more than the traders. It seems we are again seeing an attempted land grab by developers."
Miriam Faine, Hawthorn


24/04/2013 17:31:36 customer feed back "I agree with the shopper from hawthorn.
Do a survey of the customer, see what makes come and does not , and see." Andy  
28/04/2013 20:07:02 redevelopment "As the lady suggested, why haven't the council approached members of the public and regular shoppers to see what they'd like and what they suggest needs to happen. There has been no public input as yet." Leah