Tuesday 9 April 2013

Target Feels the Pain

Although they are from the same stable (Wesfarmers) Target and K-mart have experienced different retail fortunes over recent years and the sudden departure of yet another Target MD this week is just part of the story.

K-Mart has been able to resurrect itself from near oblivion in 2007 to a discounting power house and a key performer in the Wesfarmers stable. K-Mart has successfully re-branded itself as the cheapest place to buy a variety of department store merchandise. Target on the other hand has just appointed its third boss in five years and sits uncomfortably between the likes of K-Mart and the more upmarket department stores like Myer and David Jones. The challenge remains for new boss Stuart Machin to get Target on the move again.

Successfully branding yourself is a key element for retailers and begs the question -  Where does QVM sit?


10/04/2013 06:50:05 Where does QVM stand?   "QUEEN VICTORIA MARKET____ is  right up there !! Our traders are young and young at heart!!  We sell the latest fashion and the latest gadgets!!" Rosalie Rockman