Thursday 18 April 2013

Market Re-development On Channel 7 News

Channel 7 News included a segment on QVM re-development this evening. Apparently the city is waiting on a final tick of approval from the State Government for the construction of two 50 storey skyscrapers on market land at the Southern end of the current carpark.
The plan involves an extension of Franklin St. through the market carpark to link up with Dudley St. and the sale of the land to the south of that road to finance a re-development of the market. The carpark itself would be turned into a new community garden.
Here is the link to the 7 News video -

Here is the transcript from the news segment - 

7 news can reveal part of QVM will be sold off and 2 new skyscrapers will be built to pay for the redevelopment of the iconic site. the current car park will be turned into gardens with the plans now awaiting the final tick off approval from the State Government.
Jaqueline Felgate has this exclusive report:
"Its the biggest facelift in its 130 years."
LM Robert Doyle: 
"I would love to see it being the Fed Square of the other end of the city, a real hive of activity"
Jaqueline Felgate:
"The Queen Victoria Market will effectively be cut in two, Franklin St will be extended to join Dudley St creating a new thoroughfare from the east to the west of the city via Victoria St. Part of the Market will then be sold off and 2 fifty story skyscrapers will be built to help pay for the $100 million upgrade."
LM Robert Doyle:
"There are unused portions of the land around the Market and you might think of what might the commercial partnerships you had there".
Jaqueline Felgate:
Plans currently before the Department of Treasury also reveal the current car park will be turned into a new community garden. It cant be built on as it is the site of Melbourne's first cemetery, and 6,000 graves are still there."
Fruit and Veg Trader Vitalone:
"No car park, no market".
Jaqueline Felgate:
"One of the challenges for Traders here is the lack of onsite power and just how to keep all of this food fresh, so the new development will include digging beneath these Heritage listed sheds and installing giant refrigerated units under the ground".
Fruit and Veg Trader John Pontelandolfo:
"The Market survived 130 or more years without it, yeah so we'll just keep on going, what we need is a car park not redevelopment".
"Jaqueline Felgate 7 News".

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18/4/2013 2030 Market Re-development " So looks like we have been done over again. Market administration said there were no plans, and now we see there are plans in front of State government. Looks like we are being treated like Mushrooms, keep us in the dark and feed us s....!
So all the meetings with our caring board, who had no plans and needed our help, were just words. Congratulations you have yet again proved that the stall holders, who are the core of the Queen Victoria Market, are treated like idiots". Drita McLennan (from Facebook)