Thursday 11 April 2013

Recent Trader Comments

10/04/2013 18:24:54 Where was The Cashier? "This Administration has again shown complete disregard for Stallholders. Those who pay their rent on Sunday afternoon were confronted with come back in 10 minutes, The Cashier is on a break. This was between 2 45pm and 3.00pm, the Cashier has regular breaks which we know about and avoid that period. Going down to The Office usually takes about 15 minutes of our time and last Sunday we were expected to do that again. Needless to say the didn't get my Rent." Neil MacDonald 
13/04/2013 16:14:37 Rent Payment "Perhaps management would prefer us all to be on direct Debit?" JR E SHED
13/04/2013 19:35  Rent Payment  "I wouldn't have thought there was much chance of traders agreeing to Direct Debit - sadly no trust in the system - but an option to pay online may be welcome."

11/04/2013 18:52:21 Lighting "Thought I would measure the light in my stall today... It was 14 lux! Just to give you an idea of what that means, a candle one foot away provides the equivalent of 10 lux. That might be great for a candle light dinner but it is disastrous for trying to do any business! "

11/04/2013 19:41:48 Queen Street "Creating excitement in queen St is one thing. .. but competition for us existing trader's id another. Sure its good to have something in queen St, what about kids rides & making it a family day. I don't understand why the office insists on always cutting us off, don't they get by putting these events on, it stops the shopper from moving around in the sheds..instead of applauding this why don't you represtatives actually do something about it ..." Sounds like this is a serious issue for you and one worthy of a Trader's Representatives attention. Please talk to your Trader's Representative or ring me on 0406 222 020 to discuss - Ed.

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