Saturday 5 October 2013

Traders Comments On National Brand Pop-up Stalls.

04/10/2013 14:51:15 POP UP NATIONAL BRANDED STALLS "I would like to see from the people who read the information in the victraders site what people think about creating Pop up stalls at different corners of the market that represent national brands. What I believe needs to happen as part of a forward strategy is to revamp and relaunch the Queen Victoria Market as a shopping destination . We need to show the public a new and improved QVM . With competition fierce many national brands are very competitive .I believe we need to get one major brand from several categories and pop them up at differernt corners of the market. Look at the latest to come from Japan.A chain called Daiso (one price $2.80) for everything across the store. Some sort of incentive needs to be given e.g Cotton On (On top of A Shed)-great simple and inexpensive cloths targeting the young. Pumpkin patch (At the top of L Shed)...  Nike/Addidas/Puma at the bottom of A shed.....and so on..what do think.."

04/10/2013 15:27:03 POP UP NATIONAL BRANDED STALLS "Further on my discussion on Pop Up stalls I will give management another solution in trying to attract them.Obviously looking at storage for them is going to be a solution. How about utilizing the containers for this purpose. Trendy,portable fits in the theme of the market and it utilizes existing resources more efficiently which will return a higher rental dollar. If they spent supposedly $20,000 more or less on that ridiculous pallet tree I am sure they can afford to create some incentives for some national chains to help boost the offer of the market."

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04/10/2013 16:31:13 Pop-up Stalls "I like this idea but I think traders are too scared of competition to embrace it. If we spent less time worrying about our own skins and more about what is needed to attract customers we would all be better off."  

 04/10/2013 19:58:37 Pop up stalls "The market should focus on things that your can't buy at shopping centres, not bringing major companies to the market, anyway those companies wouldn't want to be associated their brand with the market."

04/10/2013 20:34:20 Pop up stalls "With all due respect, I couldn't disagree more with the pop up stall idea, and regarding the reply on bringing in customers, stall holders should look at WHAT THEY SELL, THE WAY THEY DISPLAY THEIR PRODUCT, THE PRICE OF THEIR PRODUCT, and finally THE WAY THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS. 
Market management can be blamed for letting sub par stalls to trade in the market.
Stall holders and management should equally be blamed for stalls looking crap.
Price of product is probably the only box we can tick as a success. And the majority of stall holders do treat there customers well but there is still a minority that fail "  
- Love to hear why you disagree with pop-up stall idea - Ed.

05/10/2013 18:46:33 Pop ups "The Market can and could accommodate all sort of retail options, including pop up stalls that may offer known and popular brands. Obviously if this direction is pursued it would need to be done in a measured and carefully managed way so as to attract customers whilst not damaging the much smaller and fragile operations of current traders which form the core offer at the market. The market essentially should be more a haven for smaller emerging or start up businesses and brands / products and less a 'low cost' option for multi nationals large popular brands ( who have no need for the 'protection and assistance' and low entry cost a public retail market can offer ). So if that option was pursued it would need to be based around more about 'what can you do for us, rather than what we can do for you' premise. But if a carefully managed limited number of popular brands could be enticed into the market to attract the buying public, it may in my opinion well be a direction worth looking at and possibly pursuing." Your Rome Correspondent
- A well considered response. Thank you. - Ed  

 05/10/2013 20:33:36 Pop up stalls "In response to Ed, we rely on margin not so much turn over. A multi national brand could come in and be happy to make 50 cents from a $10 sale how could traders compete with that, they could use the market as a advertising ploy and even be happy to run it at a loss. There is still a bit of romance coming to a market, meeting a family run stall, the colour the atmosphere etc. the best thing about coming to the market is also getting something unique that you won't find in a shopping centre, also as the roman bloke said, there are great little businesses that need a place to start up, they may even decide to stay long term. If you are not doing well at the market lately, it's ok to want the management to help you/us out, but don't forget there are many things you could do to help you own business. If you have 15 year old table clothes and you are trading poorly, not only do I not feel sorry for you but you are bringing the whole place down, and make it harder for the people/stalls that do put an effort in."
- Thank you. Some great points in this debate. - Ed

14/10/2013 02:37:42,Pop up Stalls,"I totally agree with the trader’s submission of 4th October posted at 20:34hrs.  Having Pop up stalls owned and run by multinationals in prominent market locations simple ignores some of the short comings currently in the Market.  Both Management and traders need to focus (and enforce) some of the rules that are flouted.  
Keep the lane ways clear – if you can’t park on your site put the car in the car park.
Set up before trading hours 
Do not take down (and move boxes around the Market) before close of business
Improve lighting
Provide power to sites
Hand written signs 
Dirty sheets covering tables
Presentation is a big part of marketing and simply heaping cheap imported products on a table will not help you and it brings down the tone of the Market.  
Back to the “Pop up Stall” idea….. The QVM should be a shopping experience and a place to find items not normally found in shopping precincts.  When people go on holiday, they like to see and buy something different.  Already multi nationals have destroyed several holiday shopping locations – visit Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsular and Airlie Beach in Queensland to see classic examples – no need to spend money in these locations as you can buy it at home and save the hassle of excess luggage.
If we agree that presentation of products is important, why not offer prime market locations to traders that currently make some effort in showcasing their products?",Terry Lawn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

14/10/2013 16:10:34 Traders Need to Lift Their Game "The market is a low entry cost option for independent, family run operations it IS NOT a place for multinationally owned and run businesses. The suggestion of utilizing and creating a 'pop up' concept is about creating diversity and enhancing the product mix it is not and should not be used to facilitate a market 'take over' by large companies." 

16/10/2013 20:11:10 Stall presentation "Well said Terry." Tony