Sunday 27 September 2015

Agenda For QVMAC Meeting Released On Victraders

In a first for we are listing the agenda for the QVMAC Meeting on Thursday 24th September. This is part of a campaign to broaden trader understanding of the committee’s activities.

The Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee is a body comprising 10 Trader Representatives, members of management including CEO Jan Cochrane-Harry, and in more recent times, attended by two QVM Board members. The QVMAC considers a whole range of issues relating to our market and is particularly relevant as we head into the complexities of market renewal.

Following is the meeting agenda with some explanatory comments in italics where appropriate. We are unable to give you details of the actual discussion until the minutes have been published and approved by all attendees. That will happen within coming days. By publishing agendas and minutes it is hoped that all traders will have a better understanding of the broad range of issues that the committee considers and how those issues are progressed and actioned.

QVMAC Meeting Thursday 24th September 2015
QVM Queen Street Office - Level 1, 422 Queen Street
3.30pm (prompt start) – 5.30pm finish.
Attendees: Jan Cochrane-Harry – Chair (JCH) - QVM
Stephen McLennan (SM) QVMAC
Victor Ailakis (VA) QVM
Greg Smith (GS) - QVMAC
Fiona Whitworth (FW) - QVM
Jenny Pyke (JP) - QVMAC
Brendan Devine (BD) - QVM
Joseph Stolarek (JS) - QVMAC
Marina Levitsky (ML) - QVM
Kha Nguyen (KN) - QVMAC
Belinda Ross (BR) - QVM
Ivano Guseli (IG) QVMAC
Spiros Foscolos (SF) - QVM
Ben Vitalone (BV) - QVMAC
Matthew Bell (MB) - QVM
Cathy Underhill (CU) – QVMAC
Natasa Filosoglou (NF) - QVM
Kon Kardaras – (KK) - Guest

Apologies: Jane Fenton AM (JF) – QVM Board
Ivano Guseli (IG) QVMAC
Paul Sheahan AM (PS) – QVM Board
Mark Smith (MS) - QVM

1. Welcome
1.1. Introductions (JCH)
1.2. Minutes from previous meeting (JCH)

2. Marketing & Events
2.1. De-Brief on Brand Launch (MB & NF) – QVM’s new logo.
2.2. Market Week Update (MB)
2.3. Christmas Trading Hours (MB) - proposals for december 2015 particularly the clash between the Night Market and food operations leading into Christmas trading.
2.4. Friday Night Food Trucks (SF) – related to the special Stir Frydays event over October/November.

3. Management
3.1. Strategic Brief Finalisation (FW) – the Strategic Brief is a 158 page document which sets the future direction for QVM. and was compiled back in February 2015.
3.2. Trading Ideas Sessions (BD) – the first of these Monday night sessions was held recently and discussed Barcelona’s public markets.

3.3. QVMAC & Trader Governance Structures (BD) – the structure and Terms of Reference for the QVMAC are under review including proposals for deeper trader involvement in the committee’s deliberations.
3.4. Car Parking Update (VA)

4. Trader Matters
4.1. Meat and Fish Hall Leases – discussing the progress of lease renewals.
4.2. A-Shed and Victoria Street – concerning the recent changes to the North side of A shed.
4.3. Dairy Hall Lighting – discussing the adequacy of current lighting for special night events.
4.4. Dairy Hall – Letter of comfort – traders are seeking assurances over issues including the impact of any construction on trader activities during renewal.
4.5. 507 Elizabeth Street – tenancy status – concerns the croissant shop on the corner of Therry and Elizabeth streets.
4.6. Queen Street Loading Areas – an issue raised by F Shed traders over the effect of the loading bay fences and their impact on customer flow between upper and lower market areas.

5. Other Business

6. Attachments:
1 – Draft Terms of Reference – QVMAC Trader Groups

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