Wednesday 30 September 2015

Trader Gets Herald-Sun Exposure - Re-visited

Queen Victoria Market’s Pompous Paws business has featured in an article about Australia’s booming pet industry. Trader, Diane Charbel, was quoted in a Herald-Sun article this week which examined Australia’s estimated $8 billion p.a. pet care industry.

The article featured Dianne’s wonderful range of pet outfits and included photos of her pet staffies, Evie and Hugo. It is great to see well earned exposure for a QVM Trader and an excellent example for other traders looking to maximise the exposure of their business's. Our media links ran hot with the story as it showed up in the Herald-Sun and the International Business Times.
30/09/2015 11:02:48 Trader gets Herald Sun Exposure "Pompous Paws was launched at QVM in 2011. Since April 2013 I have been honored to have full spreads in the Herald Sun 3 times (all of which have promoted QVM). We have been on the morning show sunrise to do a fashion parade and also featured in city newspaper MX. All this came to pass because journalists have seen potential in Pompous Paws and approached me for a cover. 

Yet, I have been BEGGING for a permanent spot within the market - which we all know very well that there is plenty available. I get nothing! I have sent email after email after email. Gone through all the channels from top to bottom. From old staff to new staff - NOTHING! Meanwhile, everyone else around me gets their permanent spot, whether it be inside the market or SBA. I have been verbally strung by an empty promise for a spot in string bean ally and continue to get dragged along... still waiting for calls back, still waiting for emails to be responded to.... still waiting to be answered....nothing... or ""just wait"" you're next"" ""oh no you're now next"" ""ok, you're next after this one"" years have passed....

This may not be the forum to express my anger but how can I let it go when I finally get recognition (here) when QVM uses my personal success to advertise itself. I love QVM, what it is and where it has taken me. But i definitely HATE telling journalists this is where I started and where I am. Why?  Because newspaper coverage leaves me with a ripple of confused customers who can never find me! It damages my name more than it advertises it.

In the mean time, I will continue to wait and maybe, just maybe someone from QVM will see what Pompous Paws brings to its dusty, tired market If not, then a ""Dianne, you will never get a permanent spot"" will suffice. At least I will know where I stand." Dianne Charbel.

Thank you for speaking out Dianne. The importance of businesses like yours is obvious to us which is why we printed the article. Who knows? - maybe you picked the right forum to express your concerns. Good luck! - Ed.