Sunday 20 September 2015

Security For Traders

Theft is a major issue for retailers across the globe. In the bad old days theft from QVM traders was common and the impact was particularly disastrous if it involved traders takings. These days, with CCTV and regular patrols by security staff the situation has significantly improved but there are still issues, and we would like to know what you think.

We have published videos on this website of thieves being caught in the act and daily events involving theft suggest that maybe we can do more to control this illegal behaviour. The best preventative measure for traders is to be alert. Great customer service lets your customers (and potential thieves) know that you are watching their every move. But thieves can be a determined lot and the question has been asked whether we should have an internal notification system so that other traders can be advised of potential suspects. Traders notifying neighbouring stalls or other stalls in their category have helped catch thieves in the past.

Some stalls are magnets for thieves. High value items are often a target and stalls with blockout areas are susceptible. Some stalls have distinct closed off sections which can only be viewed all together by standing in the aisle. Obviously that is not possible at all times.

Thankfully, theft only appears to be a problem for a small number of traders. But what do you think? Should we have some form of notification for suspicious activity? Do you know what to do in the case of theft? Would an information session between traders and security staff be helpful? Please comment below.

24/09/2015 19:52:02 Security Get your facts rite!! This is not a vic mkt security man you r talking about Dandenong mkt!! Rosalie

Hi Rosalie - Yes, you are right, this is not a photo of a QVM Security Guard. It is a generic security photo taken from the web. We will put a photo of a genuine QVM Security Guard on our files as soon as we can. Maybe Charlie would be willing to have his photo taken. Thanks for your input - Ed.