Sunday 6 September 2015

Great Marketing Ideas From Traders

Ask a trader what should be done about marketing and the answer usually involves QVM simply spending more money on advertising but here are a couple of ideas that are quite different and could have real merit. 

Facebook Advertising For Free - we must have hundreds of traders who use Facebook for communicating with their friends. Kha Nguyen has suggested that if each trader promoted a fellow trader on Facebook we could create a huge boost in trader exposure. The idea is that you would take a photo of a neighbour's market stall each week and post it on your Facebook page for all your friends to see. 

We could ask QVM to share that post on their Facebook page (83,000 likes) and the
consequent spread would be huge. You could photograph a stall or just a group of products on the stall. Today's smart phones take good photos and make the process very simple. Each week you would pick a different stall to photograph so the subject matter is almost endless and the impact for a few minutes work could be substantial with every trader being photographed receiving the benefit.

We love this idea. What do you think?

Advertising Our New Logo On Vans - this is another idea from John Magno (does this man ever sleep?) and involves signage on market vehicles. John has spoken about this idea before but the release of our new logo makes it even more relevant. We have hundreds of vehicles bringing goods (and traders) to our market every day. Vehicles are prime advertising space - just look at all the trucks and cabs with product advertising on our roads.

Advertising could be professionally sign written or something as simple as those screen printed magnetic signs that can be easily installed and removed for when you use your vehicle for other purposes, like going to the opera or whatever. There are no doubt plenty of options and, once again, we think this is a great idea. 

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07/09/2015 08:37:58 Facebook. "Great idea , this   , lets use the power of social media. Seems to me most of the time , most traders  are looking at their screen.
And about the signs, how about magnetic  signs for our cars vans, Id be happy to have one on mine  while travelling to and from work imagine the thousands of people who will see it on the morning rush Hour on the eastern freeway etc. , im thinking something like the type some people stick on that say couriers, and are easily peeled of for private use of the cars, vans." Andy
Thanks for your input Andy - Ed.