Sunday 13 September 2015

Heard Under The Sheds

C Shed Empty ..... a number of traders have been critical about the lack of a special market in the top end of C Shed this Sunday. C Shed markets have generally added to the vibrancy of this area over recent months and to see it empty was a major disappointment.
We can reveal that the special market intended for this weekend pulled out around 2 weeks ago and left insufficient time for QVM event organisers to find a replacement. The C Shed stalls were put back on the casual allocation list for the day. The special market in A Shed on the same day had been planned well in advance and was not shifted from C Shed.
The good news is that Sunday markets in C Shed are booked out for the rest of the year and into 2016.

A Disaster ..... on one of the quietest trading weeks in recent months, what was the top selling item on Greg Smith’s boat stall?  You guessed it.... “Titanic” replicas.

Overheard On One of The Adelaide Buses................apparently one of the buses bringing Adelaide Crows fans over for the AFL final yesterday discussed the QVM drop off and suggested that fans should make sure they kept some spending money for the subsequent return trips to Melbourne as their team progressed through the finals. That might explain why thousands of Crows visitors seemed to have little impact on business over the weekend.