Sunday 20 September 2015

From Rags To Riches

Last Sunday we published a photo of an empty C Shed (top walkway to Peel St.). The emptiness caused great concern to top end traders who had grown to enjoy the vibrancy of the specialty markets introduced to this location. It turned out that the external trader group booked for that Sunday had cancelled at the last minute, certainly too late for QVM to organise a replacement.
This Sunday our photo shows a good turn out in C Shed as the Take 2 Market fills the space. Happier faces all round.

The same can't be said for A Shed which last Sunday sponsoured a specialty market but this week appears to be relatively empty. Our photo was taken at 10:50 this morning. Tidying up A Shed and consolidating Fruit & Vege traders onto the South side of the shed or adjoining sheds would seem to make a lot of sense not just for those traders but also the shops along Victoria St. But an empty shed is a bad look and maybe the QVM Board and CoM need to look at making resources available to correct the situation.

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