Sunday 13 September 2015

September Trading Struggle Continues

September is one of the quieter months on the QVM trading calendar. Sales figures recorded over recent years in the top end put September sales on a similar footing to the notoriously quiet month of February (see graph).
In a month that usually includes the AFL Grand Final and the Market Week promotion it is difficult to understand why September is comparatively quiet. This year of course we also had the $180,000 marketing promotion around the new QVM logo but even the intensity of that campaign seems to have reflected little in sales so far. International tourism is historically lower in September with only May and June recording lower numbers of tourists visiting our shores.

Of course, it is too early to write off September just yet. We are not half way through the month and school holidays are yet to come. Maybe the month that heralds spring is a good time to do what plants do – look to regenerate for the year to come.