Sunday 27 September 2015

Editor Responds To Trader Complaint

In an article about stall security at QVM ( we included a generic photograph of a security guard and that drew the ire of ex-trader, Rosalie, who commented - 

24/09/2015 19:52:02 Security Get your facts rite!! This is not a vic mkt security man you r talking about Dandenong mkt!! Rosalie

So, we have responded and our own QVM security expert (and all round gentleman) Charlie, has agreed to have his photo taken. Thank you Charlie.

02/10/2015 05:11:39 Security "Thank u Charlie does a remarkable job & is a very diligent,loyal employee.Dandenong mkt  traders have had a recent spate of  robberies!! I hope the Management has Ceased the temptations of the light fingered culprits!!" Rosalie