Friday 27 November 2015

Changes At City Council Following Car Ban

Few City of Melbourne decisions upset traders more than the apparent attempt to remove cars from the CBD but recent moves within Council suggest that wiser heads are prevailing at least for now. Councillor Richard Foster has been removed from the councils transport portfolio following his suggestion that cars be banned from the CBD for one day.

Councillor Fosters idea was roundly condemned by the Lord Mayor and the State Premier as being unworkable. The Councillor was criticised for breaking ranks and talking without consultation with his fellow councillors. They can be a tight lot at the CoM and that is a good thing for responsible and reliable decision making.

Cr, Stephen Mayne has replaced Richard Foster as Deputy Chair of the transport portfolio, Rohan Leppert replaces Cr. Mayne as Deputy Chair of the planning committee. The Age has reported that parking reform, including reducing the city's reliance on parking revenue is a key ambition of Cr. Mayne.

Whilst there is little doubt that the long term plan is for the city to shed its reliance on cars, doing it in a measured responsible way is good news. Just what impact that will have on Trade at QVM remains an issue for traders.