Sunday 8 November 2015

Re-inventing Retail

One of the most impressive things my supermarket does is send me a list of products that are on special and all those products are on my regular shopping list. Their big data resources mean that they know what I buy and how to get me back in the store. As a small retailer how do I compete with that?

I don’t have computerised analysis of individual customer purchases so I am looking for other ways to entice my customers back. One way is to offer a return freebie. At the completion of each sale I could say to my customer – “When you come back and buy from me next time I will give you one of these products for free” – and then I will hand them a business card with a photograph of the product on the back.

I am thinking of the top of my head. Is that an idea worth pursuing? What other ways could a return visit be achieved?