Friday 27 November 2015

Smart Engaging Ideas That Traders Can Use.

Engaging your customers and creating a bit of theatre in the process is seen as a major imperative for traders and one where our personal focus can be maximised.

Muji, the respected Japanese retailer, has just opened a flagship store in New York and some of their innovations help create that individual relationship that customers seem to crave.

Embroidery Station - a range of clothing can receive personal embroidery treatment on site with a variety of design options.
Fragrance Factory - individual recipes for room air fresheners can be concocted on site by adding personal favourite fragrances to the mix. Bacon & chocolate fragrance anyone?
Carry Bag Design -  this might be a little less significant in the personalisation stakes but being able to decorate your carry bag at the counter using a range of fun stamps creates unique individual packaging for that special gift.

In a world of mass production and sameness, the opportunity to create an individual purchase for your customer can be very profitable. The ideas mentioned above are feasible for market traders and no doubt there are many other similar ideas that don't require a huge outlay. Why not try experimenting right now?