Sunday 29 November 2015

QVMAC Meeting Report – Thursday 26th November 2015

The Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee met on Thursday, attended by Trader Representatives, members of management, and Board member Jane Fenton. This is the bi-monthly meeting and as usual the agenda was full.
Following is the meeting agenda with some explanatory comments in italics where appropriate. We are unable to give you details of the actual discussion until the minutes have been published and approved by all attendees. That will happen within coming days. By publishing agendas and minutes it is hoped that all traders will have a better understanding of the broad range of issues that the committee considers and how those issues are progressed and actioned.

1. Welcome
1.1. Introductions (BD)
1.2. Minutes from previous meeting (BD)
2. Marketing & Events
2.1. Report on Brand Launch** (MS) – a full report will come at our next meeting. Some aspects of the Brand Launch are still in operation e.g. Melbourne tram.
2.2. Trading Ideas - Marketing Presentation (MS) The last Monday night session was considered very useful by traders who attended. It included a presentation from Nunn media and some of the decision making around TV advertising versus radio advertising and how much exposure you get for a given marketing spend. It was proposed that a useful subject for an upcoming Monday night information/discussion might allow traders to give input into the 2016/17 marketing budget.
2.3. Stir Frydays Update (MS) – Again this event is still running but there were some initial discussions around how to better activate the Dairy Hall into a street market or indeed make the street market an adjunct to a Dairy Hall event. This is the first year of Stir Frydays and it was considered that there were positive signs to work with.
2.4. Market Awards (De-brief) (MS) – A successful year with two QVM Traders winning their categories across Melbourne markets. There was discussion around increasing the impetus of this sort of event as Melbourne’s markets push their relevance in a competitive retail world.
2.5. Christmas Trading (Attachment - A.1) (MS) – see the insert in this weekend’s Traders Bulletin.
2.6. Sydney Market Conference (MS)  - a brief report from Mark Smith on the recent national conference.
3. Property
3.1. Trader Assessment/Selection Criteria (A.2) (ML) - The assessment/selection criteria for traders has recently been a point of contention with traders largely because its details have not ever been clearly identified or debated and its relationship with pre-existing assessment criteria (the points system) have not been clarified. The basic criteria for assessing and selecting traders will be published in this weekend’s Trader’s Bulletin and the door will be open for discussion.
3.2. Update on 507 Elizabeth St (ML) – This concerns the lease for the current croissant shop on the corner of Therry and Elizabeth Sts. There have been a number of parties interested in the site however following a series of interviews and the assistance of a food consultant it has been decided to advertise for tenants. Applications will close at the end of December.
4. Management
4.1. Car Parking Update (BD) – see separate article on
4.2. QVMAC & Trader Governance Structures (A.3) (BD) – further discussion took place on a suitable structure to enable discussion and decision making around renewal including the concept of a joint role for QVMAC and QVMTI (Traders association). - see separate article. 
5. Trader Matters
5.1. Trader Input to Marketing Plans (KN) – this was an issue raised by Trader Representative Kha Nguyen concerning the results that come from marketing programs and how we measure those results.
5.2. Market Week Report** (SM) -
5.3. Emergency Management Plans (CU) – this concerns the potential threats illustrated by recent world events. Safety information has been made available for traders on the Trader’s Hub.
5.4. A-Shed Activation Program (JP) – Jenny Pyke raised concerns over the slowness of activating A Shed following the movement of traders from the north side to the south side of A Shed. Marina Levitsky presented a graphic of current measures to activate the shed including new food related traders, new seating and the Story Box community library.
5.5. F-Shed – Status of new coffee tenant (JS) - the new tenant at the top of F shed on Peel St. is expected to be active by 20th December 2015.
5.6. Minh Phat - future tenancy options (All) – like all tenants on Therry St. Minh Phat will be subject to displacement as a result of building construction on the Munro site. That is not expected to happen before 31/7/2016.
5.7. Summer Night Market – Programming (JP) – there has been some concern over the slow start to the Wednesday night market. Competing events and poor weather have contributed to reduced sales. The market has recently injected extra funds into advertising the night market.
6. Other Business
6.1. 2016 Meeting Schedule (BD) -  we are expected to move to monthly meetings as renewal activity ramps up.
6.2. Australia Day Market (MS) – the market will be closed on Auatralia Day - Tuesday 26th January 2016.
6.3. Other Matters (All)

(**Item to be held over to next meeting – report not available)