Monday 30 November 2015

Trader's Comment On Assessment Criteria

This week's Trader Bulletin contained details of the assessment criteria used when reviewing a licence renewal, a request for a permanent location, or a request for a new location. One trader has taken exception to the new provisions and comments as follows -

30/11/2015 15:37:55 Allocation System "BACK TO THE DARK AGES
After reading the Marina report, in this weeks news letter, from QVM. I felt like we are going backwards. Here we are, traders and supposedly management working together. For the greater good of the market. It Really doesn't feel like it. When we have senior management trying to abolish our point allocation system. This system was introduced to protect management and traders. From unfair treatment  of stallholders, and to protect management in unwarranted accusations.  This was approved by council at the time, it was devised by a group consisting of traders, management and council. So it would be fair to all. But this is not to say, that some changes are needed, to bring us into current times. 
Management has said write to us if you have any objections. But honestly, who would dare to with a system like this on place?" Cant put my name on this one .
In the good old days, any dispute over who should get a prime stall was pretty much settled by a points system whose main criteria was length of service in the market. As our writer says, it is probably time that system was reviewed. The new system has some points of merit although it has been devised inhouse and it really needs to be the subject of an open and comprehensive evaluation by those who are expected to abide by its provisions.

Our contributors suggestion of potential persecution is a little over the top but certainly management do need to do a better job of selling this concept and allowing detailed examination of what they have in mind.

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