Sunday 15 November 2015

Christmas Decorations Brighten Up QVM

Decorating a 7 hectare site is always going to be a major challenge and getting the “best bang for your buck” is what faced our management team with this year’s Christmas decorations.

We like the way they have taken up last year’s concerns about the lack of daytime impact for the giant Christmas tree. This year, the bright and colourful baubles add a welcome vibrancy to the tree and of course the night time lights still look great.

The Santa setting on the corner of Queen and Therry Sts looks to be a winner if the response at the Friday Night Market is any guide. It makes an excellent photo-shoot location and could just inspire QVM to make that a permanent “selfie spot” with different themes throughout the year.

Other features include –
Wreath – located in the same position as last year, on the front of the Meat Hall. The wreath has had some new decorations added gain to align to new brand colours. The wreath will be lit at night.

Golden glittered stars- These stars were used last year under the sheds and around the perimeter of the site. The same application will be in place this year.

Garland- The fairy lit garland will be again draped throughout the dairy hall. This will be the same installation as last year.

Pallet Tree- As the main entry point for the tourist bus QVM felt it was important to create a welcoming entry point. The Pallet tree will be decorated and lit to create a contemporary and modern style Christmas tree in its own right.

Major Roofline Installations- These two installations will be the biggest change and impact for the new decorations. They will be located firstly on the roofline at the corner of Therry and Elizabeth St and secondly at the corner of Peel and Victoria St. These installations are large scale , full of colour and have both daytime impact and will be lit at night.

Posters, flags and banners will also be part of the Christmas campaign this year along with normal media involvement and also the inclusion of the Salvos with a gift giving tree and onsite carol singing.