Sunday 29 November 2015

What Is Happening With The Trader’s Association?

QVM Traders Inc was formed back in May 2014 and at that time we were considering a subscription model which required all traders to contribute a 1.25% levy against their rent payments to support the association.

For a number of reasons that format didn’t get traction and the association has remained idle since. A professional traders association is seen as a very desirable element for QVM and markets expert, David O’Neil, identifies it as a key ingredient in successful overseas market models.

A professional traders association would ideally have a number of roles, not just looking after trader’s interests but also having a purpose and vision dedicated to making QVM a better market. If there was a criticism of the original association development it was that it concentrated just on traders interests and not enough on the bigger picture of how a modern public market could tackle the revolution currently going on in global retailing.

The good news is that the purposes of the association are being re-examined to see how it might fit into our future. Traders are keen to see to establish a grass-roots forum for trader involvement and management are keen to get a structure in place that will allow all the important discussions around renewal to be as productive as possible.

Current thinking is that the Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee (QVMAC) and QVM Traders Inc (QVMTI) could be joined in purpose so as to achieve one body. The QVMAC and its elected Trader Representatives has already made a significant contribution to progress at QVM. The upcoming renewal process will place a significant workload on all participants and a structure that gains deeper input from all traders will have a valuable role to play. We are very much at the preliminary discussion stage and there is a lot of detail to go through, but the aim will be to have a joint structure operating, possibly as soon as February/March 2016.

There is little doubt that our market would benefit from a joint effort that concentrates on market performance and the sustainability of stakeholders whether they are trader or property owner. We just need to get it right this time.

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21/12/2015 08:45:14 What is happening with the Traders Association? "The Queen Victoria Market is iconic. I would also suggest that some of the Market's stallholders would fit the same tag...many of your trader reps have been around since the 1980's.
The importance of a cohesive and unified voice from trader ranks is vital. There is so much experience in that voice that, not recognising and using trader input would be criminal considering the mammoth tasks facing the Market over the next few years. From a management view, there is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with Market factions, each generally having a different axe to grind.
My personal experience with stallholders goes back to 1981, I must admit that in those early days there was very little formal consultation...that is until the formation of the Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee in the mid 1980's. Trader input was important to me in my time in Markets...most of that input though came from personal ""market floor"" communication.
It is important that traders now unify their voice so that confidence in the stallholder word is given the respect it deserves. Listen to your long term traders...many of them have been around longer than than the formal decision makers:)

Enjoy the Christmas week Stallholders..." Bernie Dunn